According to reports from 2017, Western Australian households use on average more water than any other state in the country. Previous studies found that the average Western Australian family home used approximately 327,000 L of water a year compared to 194,000 L in New South Wales. So, where do Western Australians use the most water in their homes?

Listed below are the areas within Perth homes that use the largest amount of water:

  • Overall, residential water use in Perth is comprised of; 52% indoor use, 44% outdoor use, and 4% for private plumbing leaks:
    • Shower and bath 25%
    • Toilet 9%
    • Washing machine 7%
    • Taps 6%
    • Leaks 4%
    • Evaporative air conditioner 4%
    • Hand watering 3%
    • Pool and Spa 2%
    • Dishwasher 1%
  • Although indoor water use exceeds outdoor water use, garden irrigation uses the most amount of water in Perth homes with 39%

This totals an average consumption of 277,000 L of water per year or approximately 106,000 L per adult person per year. Expectedly, showers and baths are listed as having high water usage, with seven 6 – 7 minute showers per week, resulting in a 23,000 L of water usage per year. Knowing where we use most of the water in our homes allows us to focus on reducing our usage in these areas.

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