Live Environmentally Friendly

EnviroDevelopment Certification

EnviroDevelopment certification assists the public to recognise and select a more environmentally sustainable development and lifestyle.

By selecting a place to live within an EnviroDevelopment certified estate, you know that you are living in a community which implements environmentally sustainable initiatives.

Vivente is one of only a few exclusive communities in Western Australia to have been awarded UDIA EnviroDevelopment Certification for Ecosystems, Water, Energy and Community.

We are committed to providing our current and future residents with an environmentally sustainable lifestyle and a unique place to live.

As a certified estate, Vivente has been carefully designed to embrace and protect the natural environment, through implementation of practices and processes, Vivente will remain a sustainable community for years to come.

How we achieved our certification


Vivente has been designed to maximise the unique, natural attributes of its surroundings.

This has been achieved through:

  • Creating 3.9 hectares of central parkland that features at the heart of the estate.
  • The parkland containing 1.8 hectares of retained vegetation.
  • Introducing vegetation that is native to Western Australia and more than 90% of the species is of local provenance to the Perth metropolitan area.
  • Revegetation of a 1.78 hectares site within Bibra Lake.


Vivente has implemented a range of initiatives to reduce water use within the landscape treatment, and through minimum building standards and education.

This has been achieved through:

  • Water efficient fixtures and fittings.
  • Waterwise trees, shrubs and lawns within the parklands, streetscapes and within front landscaping packages.
  • Irrigation systems for the parklands and streetscapes that utilise ground water and have been designed using Waterwise principles.


Lot orientation and solar design has been a primary consideration in the design of Vivente from project inception, resulting in a sustainable development with lower operational costs for the homeowners.

This has been achieved through:

  • Solar access and ideal orientation have resulted in 92.5% of all lots within the estate having a favourable orientation.
  • The east-west linear Public Open Space has resulted in the cooling effect of south-westerly breezes flowing through the estates linear park system.
  • Education through the implementation of design guidelines encouraging best practice energy-wise approaches for residential development, including ventilation, roof colour, glazing and water heating appliances.
  • Reviewing all plans prior to lodging with the City of Cockburn to ensure that dwellings have the best chance of achieving the fundamentals of passive design correctly, including positioning of outdoor areas and main living areas with access to northerly light.
  • Encouraging 6-star NatHERS rating or higher under the National Construction Code requirements.


The vision for Vivente is to create a community that is connected to its natural setting and surrounding bushland, with convenient access to local and regional amenities.

This has been achieved through:

  • A street network that has been designed to ensure visibility is maintained for all users.
  • A pedestrian friendly community that encourages a safe, active and healthy lifestyle.
  • The central parkland has been designed to be an active community focal point, to encourage neighbouring residents to meet, and is also enhanced by the surveillance of neighbouring home-sites.
  • A commitment to fostering community engagement through the establishment of the Hammond Park Residents Association.
  • Providing ongoing sponsorship of local community groups such as the Jandakot Bushfire Brigade, the Hammond Park Primary School and local sporting teams