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Frequently Asked Questions

To help you navigate the process of buying land or a house and land package we have compiled a number of answers to the most common FAQs. If you still have questions feel free to contact us and we will assist you.

Why should I buy from Richard Noble & Company?

When purchasing your new home you should consider carefully the community and surroundings of your new home as you want to enjoy your new location and the existing community. We have developed communities for more than 100 years with lifestyle features people want and enjoy.

Some of Perth’s best known suburbs we have developed include Mount Lawley, Maylands, Bicton, Melville and Leeming. More recent suburbs include Thomsons Lake, Magnolia Gardens, Eden Green, Wentworth West and Vivente. We have also developed some major commercial projects such as the Cockburn Gateway Shopping City (first stage).

With Richard Noble & Company you buying from an experienced developer, who will help you make your dreams come true.

Why do I need a settlement agent / conveyancer?

Purchasing a lot or a house & land package involves many steps. You can either select a Settlement Agent or Conveyancer before or after you have signed an offer and acceptance contract.

In short, the main task of your settlement agent is to transfer the ownership of the property. There are many steps which depends on your specific circumstances and the property you are purchasing and/or selling. Settlement agents will liaise with all parties, like your finance broker, bank, seller settlement agent, developer etc. and will be finalising the transfer of ownership of your new property to yourself.

You should nominate a settlement agency/conveyancer latest within 30-45 days of signing an offer of acceptance. Please compare fees and services from the many available settlement agents. Once you have chosen one you need to inform us, so we can provide your settlement agent with the original offer and acceptance.

What is a cottage style lot?

Cottage lots are homesites, that are low maintenance due to the smaller size. They usually have a smaller frontage. This type of lots suits people who do not want a garden or only a very small garden. They support an easy-care, lock-up and leave lifestyle.

These lots types are good for first home buyers, downsizers and couples. Lots have often the garage in the rear of the lot, accessed off a rear lane way with the main entrance at the front of the block. However there are also cottage lots with standard front garages available.

What is a traditional lot?

Lots with a size of 450 sqm and greater are called a traditional lot and usually have a wider frontage. Traditional lots are good for 4 bed 2 bath home with a double garage.

What is a setback?

A setback describes an area of your lot on which building is not allowed. The Town Planning Scheme of the City of Cockburn has a set of rules that need to be followed. Depending on each lot’s zoning the set back may differ. 

Please ask our Richard Noble sales professional or your new home builder consultant what setback rules apply to you new home site. They will affect where your new house is situated on your lot and where your garages, pools, gazebos or other features may be built.

I live overseas and am not an Australian resident, can I build in Western Australia?

If you wish to purchase and build in Australia as an overseas resident you will have to follow guidelines from the Australian Government.

Please visit the website Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) at and the Foreign Buyers Duty to find out how these rules apply to your personal circumstances.

New or established housing?

Building a new home versus buying an established home has many lifestyle and financial benefits. You can save on stamp duty, as it is only charged on the land, and you won’t have to spend money on renovations. Living in a brand new house, designed to your specific needs with new appliances and warranties, a structural guarantee, modern features means less maintenance.

Buying "Subject to finance" - what do I need to do?

Purchasing Land Only

An offer and acceptance for land only will state a 30 day time period to allow you to get unconditional finance approval. If an extension is required, the Seller will assess and grant it on an individual basis.

Purchasing a Home and Land Package

If you want to purchase a House and Land Package you will enter into an offer and acceptance for land with us and into a building contract with your chosen builder so you can apply for finance for the total cost. For this the seller will extend the allowed time period for you to get unconditional finance approval from 30 to 60 days. Again, if an extension is required, the Seller will assess and grant it on an individual basis.

Please note, you should already have chosen a builder and are ready to sign a Preparations of Plans Agreement and pay that Builder a deposit.

"Keystart Home Loans” What is Keystart?

Keystart home loans are designed to help people get into home ownership earlier. They aim to make the dream of affordable home ownership a reality.

To check if you are eligible and to find out more, please visit

What are Design Guidelines?
To encourage home design excellence at Viviente Hammond Park we have created design guidelines. These guidelines set out the minimum standards and conditions for your new home. These guidelines apply in addition to, and not in lieu of other statutory requirements. These guidelines ensure, that your new community will be created to a high standard, hence adding value to your home.
Once Developer approved, your builder can submit to the City of Cockburn for approval. The guidelines work in conjunction with the Local Development Plan (LDP), however the LDP will take precedent over the design guidelines.

Visit the Builder Resources to download the Design Guidelines.

Why does the buyer need to seek building approval and how does it work?

Once your new house has been designed to the Design Guidelines, your builder will submit it to the Estate Project Manager by email prior to submitting to the City of Cockburn council under the normal building approval procedure. The Estate Project Manager will check the building plans for compliance against the Restrictive Covenants and Development and Building Guidelines. If compliant we will issue a Developer Approval letter to the sender of the plans within 5 business days.

How does the Landscape Bonus work?

Most offer and acceptances include a landscaping bonus. Please check your annexures if you are unsure. Once the construction of your house is completed within the specified period (usually 24 months from Settlement Date), the Seller will provide the landscaping, including reticulation to the front of your property.

When your new home nears hand over (max 4 weeks prior) or has been handed over already and all hard landscaping has been completed, you can order your landscaping from Richard Noble & Company. Please email with your lot number and street name in the subject. We will order the contractor for you and confirm the order by email. The landscaping company will be in contact and you are able to arrange the date and time with them directly. Landscaping must be completed within 3 months of occupation of the residence.

How does the Fencing Bonus work?

Most offer and acceptances include a fencing bonus. Please check your annexures if you are unsure. Once the construction of your house is completed within the specified period (usually 24 months from Settlement Date), the Seller will erect side and rear boundary Colorbond fencing.

Once your house nears completion and/or your builder has agreed to install fencing prior to hand over you can email us on to order your fencing. We will order for you and confirm the order by return email. The fencing contractor will be in contact to arrange a date and time with you.

Should you wish to install a gate or any other fencing you can discuss this directly with the fencing contractor, who will invoice you directly for any additional install.

Are there any benefits for First Home Buyers?

First Home Buyer may benefit from no or a reduced stamp duty. Blocks up to $300,000 are exempt from stamp duty and blocks up to $400,000 will receive a reduced rate, thereafter the full rate is payable.

For more details visit the Department of Finance First Home Owner Rate of Duty

Do you have a Brochure?
Yes, please download our Brochure here (2MB).
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Why buy from Richard Noble?

Because we have more than 100 years experience designing and developing communities that provide the lifestyle features people want.

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