A useful way to get on top of your water use and therefore payments is understanding your water bill:

  Service Charges + Water use Charges = Water Bill (Service charges include water, waste water and drainage charges. View details on the back of your bill)
  The Water Corporation will read your meter every 2 months = 6 water bills per annum.
  The front of your bill shows a graph of your water usage in comparison to the last two months and your usage in the same period last year. This is helpful to track your usage and to reduce consumption for the next billing period.
  Your bill will tell you an average of how many litres per day you used. You can compare your water use to similar households by clicking here.
  The back of your bill will tell you what price you are being charged during that period (based on your area pricing tier) and what the water usage will be priced at for your next bill
  Pricing is charged per KL you use based on pricing tiers in each area. The more you use, the more you will be charged.

Why your bill might be higher than normal
  Increase in water usage e.g. season, irrigation, new appliances or having more people in your home.
  Higher water charges or a combination of higher charges and more water use.
  If it is higher in the last part of the billing year, you may have moved into a higher pricing tier.
  Due to the COVID‐19 isolation period, you may be using more water than on a regular basis.
  You have a dripping tap or a broken pipe. Detect a leak with these simple instructions here. 

For more information or if you are concerned with a higher water bill, visit Water Corporation website or call 13 13 85 to speak to the Water Corporation customer service team.

Water Corporation. (n.d.). ‘Bill & Account.’ Available at: https://www.watercorporation.com.au/Bill-and-account/My-charges (Accessed May 2021)