World Toilet Day 2020

13 November 2020

Breaking the taboo about your loo

Residents in our communities are fortunate enough to have access to clean sanitation including toilets. Being able to go to the toilet in a safe, private place is something that we may take for granted. Unfortunately, 1 in 3 people around the world does not have access to a decent toilet, especially children. Falling short of this privilege, disadvantaged children experience disruptions to their education, safety, and health as they seek private places to go.

World Toilet Day is celebrated on the 19th of November every year, established by the United Nations.

This international day draws global attention to the sanitation crisis and highlights that toilets save lives, are an opportunity maker and dignity protector.

In recognition of World Toilet Day, WaterAid Australia is raising funds to support local people and partners to help build toilets, targeting vulnerable communities around the world. To get behind the cause, visit the World Toilet Day website and keep an eye out for more information regarding this day.

Image source: WaterAid

Image source: WaterAid

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