Life On The Vivente Verge

A sustainability event was held for our Vivente residents at The Scramble on 14 May 2022. The Waterwise Workshop with expert Chris Ferreira from The Forever Project focused on effectively blending environmental, social, and economic benefits to foster positive outcomes for businesses and the community. They offered innovative educational programs that changed the way residents feel about and interact with their environment and surroundings.

The Waterwise Workshop was applicable and practical for the local area (soil conditions, etc.) to design and deliver a new garden and care for an existing garden.

There were many giveaways and prizes at the event, and everyone was pleased to walk away with a native plant or gardening product.

We had a great turnout with both existing residents and purchasers currently building. It was a great outcome as it was an opportunity for future residents to meet their neighbours, form relationships early on, and gain tips in their building and landscaping journey.

Thank you to everyone who attended. If you have any ideas for other events or initiatives you’d like to see in Vivente, contact Amy on 9284 0910 or