Creating a Water Wise Verge

30 May 2019

Did you know, building a water wise verge can not only create a beautiful streetscape, but it can also help warm your home in the cooler months?

A healthy verge garden can provide you with a buffer from the cold winter winds coming into your home. During summer, they’re a fantastic natural cooling system by providing shade to buildings, reducing our need for air conditioners.⠀

  • Creating a water wise verge can be as simple as planting native trees, shrubs and lawns with low water requirements. To ensure your verge continues to grow and flourish, we’ve compiled a list of handy tips to consider when maintaining your verge;⠀
  • If you think your verge needs additional plants, now is the best time of year to plant natives. The City of Cockburn have a list of water wise native species on their website or your local nursery will also be able to help. ⠀
  • Mulch can be added to help the soil retain water. Apply mulch about 5-10cm thick, keeping just clear of the base of the plants.⠀
  • Perth’s sandy soils can become water repellent during dry weather. Applying a quality soil wetting agent will increase your soils’ ‘wettability’.⠀
  • Ensure your street tree gets plenty of fertiliser so that it continues to grow. Liquid fertiliser is an easy way to get much needed nutrients into the soil.⠀

For more information visit the Water Corporation Website

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