Water-saving products are designed to achieve water savings inside and out of the home, helping you to save on water use and money at the same time. The Waterwise Products Program endorsed by the Water Corporation is unique to Western Australia and provides the opportunity to browse for approved products that feature the Water Corporation Waterwise logo on their packaging. You can view new ideas and appliance designs that will help you save water every day.

Throughout the year, we will be sharing monthly articles all about the use of water-saving products that also reduce water bills. To start off with, here are some common home water usage amounts and new products and designs saving on water use and water (and energy) bills:

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  1. A typical tap uses 10 to 20 Litres per minute (L/m) in our bathrooms whereas new designs such as the Waterblade, endorsed by the Water Corporation, operates at 2.4 L/m saving up to 75% of water and 50% on water costs.
  2. With showers making up almost 22% of total household water use, a Waterwise showerhead can potentially save the individual household 20,000L a year compared to the standard showerhead. This is equivalent to roughly $36 per annum of savings on your water bill.
  3. Toilets can contribute to 20% of indoor water use, upgrading a single flush to a dual flush system may save up to 80L of water per day which is roughly $40 per annum of savings on your water bill.
  4. Our gardens are all different.  Throughout the hot summer months, they require increasing amounts of water – using water saving garden hoses and sprinklers, mulch that can reduce water loss by 46.5%, moisture-locking soils and fertilizers with wetting agents overall reduces water consumption and benefits your wallet.
  5. An average 50,000L pool can lose up to 75,000L of water throughout the swimming season, however using the proper pool cover can save up to 10,000L per month.  The key is to choose a cover that contains tougheners to minimise solar and chemical degradation, absorbs maximum UV and serves as a perfect insulation not just preventing water from evaporating but also keeping the water warmer for longer time during the season.

We invite you to join us on the journey to become a Waterwise household!