Sticking to your watering days this summer

24 December 2020

With summer here, it is key that all residents stick to their designated watering days to help conserve Perth’s precious water sources during these warmer months.

The following table indicates Perth and Mandurah watering days based on the last digit of your street or lot number. If you live in a villa or apartment, the street number of the building should be used to determine your allocated days.

Table 2: Perth and Mandurah watering days Source: Water Corporation, n.d.


Stick to your allocated watering days and only water once on that day
Water before 9am or after 6pm
A permanent ban on sprinklers occurs from 1 June – 31 August each year
 Bore users can continue to use their garden bore either before 9am or after 6pm, three days per week based on the last digit of their street number

Water Corporation. (n.d.). ‘How we determine your watering days.’ Available at: (Accessed 22 December 2020).

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