Understanding Standby Power and What It Means for Your Energy Bill

25 June 2021
How Flicking the Switch on Standby Mode Could Save on
Average 4% Off Your Electricity Bill 

Standby power is the energy drawn down by an appliance when it is not in use or is off. Standby mode enables a device like your television to standby until you need it. Standby mode uses energy and is equivalent to approximately $100 a year on your household electricity bill! 

Simple tips to manage your standby power in your home:

 1. Purchase high star rating appliances with lower standby power and running costs
 2. Switch off your appliances at the wall where you can
 3. Install a standby power controller to enable easier switch off for other devices.

The following appliances drain the most power in standby mode:

Table 1: Appliances draining the most standby power in your home. Source:

Whilst these costs may look small, over time they add up. It’s worth looking around your home and flicking the switch to avoid these hidden energy-draining costs.  

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