Tips and tricks to save you water and money!

1 July 2020

There are many small things we can do to save water, money and to promote a waterwise household. Consider the following in each part of your home:


  • Use the half flush when using the loo and consider a dual flush toilet – These systems can save up to 80L of water per day!
  • Turn the tap off when you brush your teeth – This can waste 10L per minute!
  • Cut down your showers to 4 minutes   
  • Check for leaks in your toilet, shower and taps – Residential leaks in Perth account for the loss of 700 billion buckets of water


  • Don’t pre rinse dishes for the dishwasher – Instead, scrap off food into a compost to save blocking your taps and water (pre-rinsing can double your water use)
  • Use a bowl or plug to trap water when rinsing fruit and veggies – Use on the garden instead of wasting it
  • Fill up your dishwasher and use the eco setting – Running a half load can double your water use


  • Reduce your washing by one load a week – This alone can save 2,600L per year!
  • Use a front loader washing machine – Look for a 4 WELS star rating or above


  • Water either before 9am or after 6pm (September- May) to allow for water to soak into the roots and soil
  • Use a broom or blower to clean leaves outside, not the hose
  • Use a good quality mulch to reduce evaporation and maintain plant moisture
  • Select the right lawn – Choose lawn that responds well to warm weather and lay during cooler months
  • Water your garden with greywater – consider installing a greywater system which in a 4 person household can provide your garden with roughly 40,000L of water per year!
  • Consider installing a weather based irrigation controller – Save unnecessary watering with rain sensor systems

For more water saving tips, head to Water Corporation WA website.

Water Corporation. (n.d.). ‘Water saving tips.’ Available at: (Accessed 17 March 2020).

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