Running Cost of Fans vs Air Con

16 September 2021
How Running Fans Could Be Cheaper Than Air Con, Saving You Money on Your Electricity Bill

As winter recedes, the days are getting warmer. And while the use of air conditioners in summer is usually needed on very hot summer days, using your ceiling fans on warm days, can save a lot of money on your electricity bills.

Ceiling fans are a cheaper and more energy-efficient way to keep your home cool, running at around 2 cents per hour. It’s important to do your research when installing ceiling fans as some provide more energy savings than others. Fans with DC motors for example offer a low-watt motor which uses less power without reducing the overall performance. Consider using an LED fan light to save even more on energy costs.

If you are still choosing which type of air conditioner to install, the cost of running that system should be a consideration:

 Portable, evaporative air conditioner devices are a more energy-efficient choice compared to a standard air conditioner, costing around 6 – 7 cents per hour for electricity running costs, and less than 2 cents per hour for the water used by the device to cool the air.

Reverse cycle air conditioner devices can cost between 25 – 35 cents per hour (depending on the size of the room and type of system). In some large spaces, the use of an air conditioner could cost up to 95 cents per hour to run!

Ducted reverse cycle air conditioning systems can cost around $2.45 – $3.45 per hour to run (for a whole house system). The energy costs definitely add up when you’re using these air conditioner systems for long periods of time in summer.

The right setup should be selected based on your personal circumstances, running costs, and initial installation costs. 

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