ReNew Property Maintenance

10 September 2019
Richard Noble & Company together with development partner Gold Estates has teamed up with ‘ReNew Property Maintenance’ at the Vivente in Hammond Park project.

ReNew Property Maintenance is a commercial property maintenance service, which operates as a non-profit social enterprise that provides work readiness training for young people looking to gain work experience.

Renew Property Maintenance is an initiative which has recently been established, supported by various organisations and the generosity of the Impact100 WA grants program.

Renew Property Maintenance Manager, Shannon Barnes outlined that the “primary purpose of our program is fostering good work ethics and skills in an environment that provides a platform for long-term employment. The key outcome of the program is that it provides an opportunity for at-risk young people to gain valuable work experience, mainly through the process of applying, interviewing, securing and maintaining employment.”

To aid with the work at Vivente in Hammond Park, Richard Noble & Company reached out to some of their contractors. The ReNew Team are now working alongside Horizon West and Natural Area Management to provide experience in a broad range of tasks including garden maintenance, streetscape planting and implementation of revegetation programmes.

With the ten-week work period nearing the end, Richard Noble & Company’s Managing Director Alex Gregg emphasised “the importance of investing in community programmes as they create opportunities which may not be traditionally available and they empower the community to engage and grow.”

“The Renew Property Maintenance programme, along with the Hammond Park Climb and the Hammond Park Christmas Party, highlight the objective of Gold Estates in delivery of outcomes that benefit the Hammond Park and wider community; we thank the Renew Team and we wish the 3 youth participants the best with their future employment,” he added.

If you are interested in utilising the services of Renew Property Maintenance or running a programme, please contact Shannon Barnes on 0429 544 424.

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