The sun is a natural provider of heat and energy for Australian homes. Utilising this power in the form of solar panels has never been more accessible and affordable.

The benefits of installing a solar PV system include:
  Save on your household electricity bills – you could save up to $540 – $870 per annum depending on the size of your system and your daily usage*. 
  Low maintenance – we recommend occasional cleaning and a regular check by a licensed contractor.
  High life span – panels last around 25 years.
  Can increase the market value of your property.
  Connect to the grid and sell your unused power back to your electricity retailer.
  Reducing the use of CO2 emissions – a 6.6kW system would reduce 9.5 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being emitted, equivalent to roughly 56% of the average Australian’s carbon footprint or planting 25 trees.

Image Source: Revision Energy 2019 

We recommend talking to a reputable solar retailer to figure out the best system size and specification for your home and family. The Clean Energy Council list of approved solar retailers is a good place to start.

We recommend:
  Choosing good quality panels and inverter. Do your research to make sure it’s a reliable brand.
  Getting the angle and orientation of your panels right. The optimal angle for panels in Perth is approximately 31.9 degrees with optimal orientation facing north.
  Comparing the performance of panels when comparing quotes. This includes looking for panels with a low temperature co-efficiency per degree, little or no potential induced degradation resistance and a high conversion efficiency.
  Checking warranties. Panels are usually covered with both a product warranty and a performance warranty.
  Getting the right inverter. If upgrading to include a battery is on the cards for the future, make sure your inverter is ‘battery ready’, meaning you don’t have to replace it when you’re ready to install a battery.

By taking advantage of the sun and installing a solar system at your home, you could reduce your electricity bill whilst also reducing your carbon footprint.

For even further cuts to your electricity bill, consider installing a battery with your solar PV system to store this energy. This would allow you to use this energy during the day and night – even when the sun isn’t shining!

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