HPCA Autumn Update 2018

6 March 2018

The Hammond Park Community Association (HPCA) is always busy working on developments that ensure Hammond Park is a safe and friendly place to live. Listed below are just some of the projects they are currently working on;

2018/19 City Budget ‘Wish List’ 

The HPCA are always looking for ways to make Hammond Park better and more liveable, and over the last six months input has been requested from the community as to where improvements and services are needed the most.

A ‘Wish List’ has been put together to present to the City of Cockburn and Council staff for funding in the 2018/19 City Budget.

Some items on the ‘Wish List’ include:

  • The progression of the Hammond Road extension (Russell Road to Wattleup Road);
  • The construction of new footpaths;
  • The installation of 150 Street trees to further progress the roll out of street trees across the suburb;
  • Shade sails over playgrounds and fitness equipment;
  • Rubber soft fall to the gym equipment area at Botany Oval.

Now that the ‘Wish List’ has been finalised, the HPCA need your help!

You can help to support this list of items by contacting the City and the local East Ward Councillors by emailing them to let them know which items above concern/interest you, and ask for them to be funded in the upcoming budget for action in 2018/19.

Emails should be sent by Friday 9th March 2018, in order to meet the budget preparation deadlines. Your emails should be sent to customer@cockburn.wa.gov.au, and cc’d to:

–          Lee-Anne Smith, East Ward Councillor: lsmith@cockburn.wa.gov.au;

–          Chamonix Terblance, East Ward Councillor: cterblanche@cockburn.wa.gov.au; and

–          HPCA: hammondpark@cockburncommunity.asn.au

Botany Oval Playground upgrade

If you’ve been past Botany Oval recently you will see that works have started on the playground upgrade. The upgrade will take approximately 4 months to complete, and will provide a much more inclusive playground for younger residents, as well as those requiring wheelchair access and activities. We can’t wait to see the finished product!


Russell Rd/Hammond Road Roundabout

The Russell Rd/Hammond Road roundabout works have also commenced. The works are expected to take 4-5 months and will provide greater access in to and out of our suburb, alleviating traffic and reducing congestion along Macquarie Boulevard.

Neighbour Day 2018

Sunday 25th March 2018 is Neighbour Day, which is a nationally celebrated event that celebrates community and encourages people to connect with others in their neighbourhood. This year’s theme is ‘The importance of a supportive neighbourhood for children and young people’.

If you would like to host a Neighbour Day get together between 23-25th March you can register with the City of Cockburn to receive a $50 food voucher (to help you cater) and invitation cards (to mail drop). You can contact the City of Cockburn via 9411 3444, or get more information here: https://www.cockburn.wa.gov.au/Recreation-and-Attractions/Whats-On/Celebrate-Neighbour-Day

Local Scouts group interest

Last year the HPCA asked residents if there was interest in setting up a local Scouts group and received an overwhelming “Yes”! Since then the association has liaised with Scouts WA and is currently in the process of scoping a suitable venue. Once the venue has been found the search for Scout Leaders will begin. If you would be interested in becoming a Scouts Leader or know someone who would, please email the HPCA at hammondpark@cockburncommunity.asn.au.

Estate News

If you would like to be kept up to date with news and land releases in our Estates please provide your details below.

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