Household Water Use Prices in Perth

4 May 2022

Have you ever looked at your water bill and not quite understood how your bill is calculated and what you are actually charged for? Below is a brief summary of the charges on your typical water bill:

1. You are charged for the amount of water your household uses. Every two months, the Water Corporation take a water meter reading to find out how much water you have used.

2. The water use charge of each bill is the difference between your last and current water meter reading which is measured in kilolitres (kL).

3. The Water Corporation uses a tiered pricing system that charges a higher price per kilolitre the more water you use.

Current 2022 Perth metro water prices per kilolitre (kl) are listed below:

i.  Tier 1: 0 – 150 kl per year  = 1.859/kl for meter readings

  1. Tier 2: 151 – 500 kl per year = 2.477/kl for meter readings

iii. Tier 3: over 500 kl per year = 4.633/kl for meter readings

4. Your account starts with the lowest tier (tier 1) at the beginning of your meter reading year, which reverts back when your new meter reading year starts, given you have moved to
tier 2 or 3.

5. The meter reading year runs for a total of 12 months. At the end of the 12 months, your water use account resets to 0 kilolitres (tier 1).

6. The meter reading year ends between January and June of each year.

7. Your water use charge is calculated by water use in kilolitres for the period, multiplied by the current tariff.

Water Corporation (2021). ‘Residential water use charges explained’ Available at: (Accessed 4 May 2022).

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