Healthy Soil for a Waterwise Garden

17 September 2020

A valuable way to be water efficient in the garden is through maintaining healthy soil. Not only will this reduce water costs but will contribute to keeping your outdoor space and home cooler.

Residents in our communities will see the difference with healthier soils and will be more equipped for drier conditions in Perth. The following are a few simple ways to improve soil in your backyard:


Applying mulch to soil can reduce evaporation loss, improve soil quality and reduce weed growth.

Tips for mulching in your garden:

  • Purchase products with Waterwise and Smart approved WaterMark symbols
  • Apply 5‐10cm
  • Select a chunky coarse mulch

Add organic matter (compost) to promote healthy plant growth. You can use animal manure, worm farm residue, or use your own compost from garden and food scraps!

Wetting agents:

Apply a soil improver with a wetting agent at the beginning of summer and when the winter rain begins. Water the wetting agent until it foams for activation.

For more water-saving tips, head to Water Corporation WA.

Water Corporation. (n.d.). ‘Improving your soil.’ Available at:

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