Hand Watering Around Your Garden

5 February 2021

For smaller, potted gardens or plants and patches of lawn that require extra care, residents can use the following tips for hand watering. Hand watering is allowed outside of your watering days but should be undertaken in an efficient and effective way.


Use a handheld spray attachment for the end of your hose. This attachment is even better with different flow settings to tailor your water use depending on the type of plant, saving you more water.
 Aim for the roots. Applying too much water to the foliage can encourage pests and diseases.
Leaves don’t absorb moisture but instead, emit water into the atmosphere to allow for a cooler climate around the plant. This allows plants to avoid heat stress on warmer days. Aim for the soil at the base of your pot plant instead.

Avoid overwatering your pot plants. Giving your plant more than what is required will flush out vital nutrients leading to excess nutrient leaching which can be hazardous for the immediate environment. Just surface soak your plant until water begins to drain into the soil.
Add a water collecting tray or saucer underneath your pot plant. This allows excess water to be available and drawn back to the plant roots.
Use a soil wetting agent on pot plants (aim for application twice each summer and once in spring). This will ensure water is evenly absorbed through the soil.

Image Source: Wills Creek Community Forum, 2020              

Through following these simple techniques, we can increase waterwise activity for our gardens and help conserve water for Perth’s future.

Water Corporation. (n.d.). ‘Watering do’s and don’ts.’ Available at: https://www.watercorporation.com.au/Help-and-advice/Waterwise/Garden/Tips-for-hand-watering (Accessed 2 February 2021).

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