How Does Your Home Compare?

The average household electricity bill for Perth is $1,992 per annum equivalent to ~$332 per bill (issued every 2 months).  This is based on a four-person household according to Synergy in 2021. The average electricity bill can range from as little as $212 to as much as $491 (approximate amounts only) and is really dependent on the size of your house, the number of people living in it, your lifestyle and typical usage habits.

You can compare your electricity bill to the average bill in your suburb and view a simple breakdown of what makes up your bill via the ‘Compare your bill’ tool on the Synergy website.

Image Source: Energy Source & Distribution 2016

This year, we will be preparing a monthly article all about energy costs and providing simple tips on how we can reduce our energy bill. To start off, our top ten tips are:

  1. Switch to LED light bulbs to save ~$40-$50 annually 
  2. Check your home for leaks to stop cold/warm air from escaping
  3. Save money with solar energy, ~$600 per annum on electricity
  4. Turn off standby mode and save up to 3% on your electricity bill  
  5. Shut your doors and close curtains on hot days to trap out the heat
  6. Clean out your appliance filters to increase their efficiency
  7. Use your fan over the air con, with fans running at only ~$0.02 per hour compared to aircon which can cost between $0.25-$3.00 per hour
  8. Choose appliances with more stars on the energy efficiency label
  9. Only use the dishwasher and washing machine with a full load and wash on the cold or eco setting
  10. Set your air-con between 22 and 24 degrees Celsius in summer for energy efficiency

We will explore these topics in more detail over the next 12 months so stayed tuned!

Note: The above electricity costs and savings are an average indication and will vary for every household depending on factors including number of people per household, size of home, usage habits and lifestyle. Full detail on the source of savings estimates can be provided on request.

Synergy, 2021 available at: