We’re thrilled to highlight the recent Waterwise Workshop that united community members in a shared commitment to sustainability. Held at The Scramble within our Vivente, Hammond Park estate, this workshop in partnership between Vivente and the City of Cockburn’s Sustainability Team, showcased the community’s dedication to a sustainable future.

Led by the sustainability expert Chris Ferriara from The Forever Project, this marks our second educational journey with them toward joyful, resilient gardens, and water-wise practices within our Vivente, Hammond Park estate.

We were fortunate to have Lisa from the City of Cockburn share insights into the wide range of environmental initiatives and rebates offered by the city. As an additional gift, each attendee received two waterwise plants, further enhancing their connection to sustainable practices.

A big thank you to everyone involved in making this Waterwise Workshop a reality. This collaborative effort between the City of Cockburn’s Sustainability Team, The Forever Project, and the passionate participants showcased the strength of communal action towards fostering a greener tomorrow.

Here’s to flourishing gardens, vibrant communities, and a future graced by sustainability.

If you have any ideas for other events or initiatives you’d like to see in Vivente, contact Amy on 9284 0910 or amy@creatingcommunities.com.au.