Enjoy a healthy lifestyle

Hammond Park Climb

The Hammond Park Climb at Vivente was officially opened by the Hon. Roger Cook MLA on 8th April 2019. The Hammond Park Climb is the first part of a future 1.3 kilometre long exercise circuit, which will promote active health for residents of Vivente at Hammond and the wider community.

The concept for the Hammond Park Climb aims to capitalise on the topography of the location to create exercise opportunities via the 62 stairs, parallel bars, box jumps and monkey bars. With a focus on local economic development, we have connected with Hammond Park Fitness to develop a number of workouts for your use and enjoyment.

Workout 1 provides a range of different exercises aimed to test all-round aerobic capacity.
Workout 2 is aimed at burning up your legs with a total of 1,860 stairs.
Workout 3 is aimed at those glutes with squat jumps and lunges.
Workout 4 is aimed at increasing your upper body strength and involve the exercise bars.
Workout 5 is an all-over body workout using abs, legs, arms and glutes.
Workout 6 is aimed at burning up your legs with a full cardio workout
Workout 7 is a mix of cardio and arm exercises to be completed as fast as possible!

These workouts are downloadable from these links:

The Hammond Park Climb will ultimately provide a connection to Frankland Reserve Recreation and Community facility to the west which is currently under construction by the City of Cockburn. This estimated $9.3 million multi-purpose facility will accommodate a variety of sports including two Australian Rules football fields and a clubhouse. The City of Cockburn anticipates completing construction in late 2021. For further details please visit the City of Cockburn website.

Heart Foundation Endorsement

The strategy for delivering the Hammond Park Climb, along with existing parks within Vivente, has been recognised by the Heart Foundation – Healthy Active by Design programme. The Heart Foundation promote the development of healthy, liveable places and spaces within new and growing communities.  The Heart Foundation Healthy Active by Design tool has been used to guide the current and future development of Vivente at Hammond Park.

We hope you enjoy the Hammond Park Climb and everything Vivente at Hammond Park has to offer.